Light Shop Sydney - 3 Critical Questions to Ask

Darryl McAllister - Monday, January 11, 2016
Light Shop Sydney - 3 Critical Questions to Ask

Before you decide which Sydney light shop to purchase lighting products for your home from, here's the 3 critical questions you need to ask.

#1 Do All Their Products Adhere to Australian Standards?

Every industry has an unscrupulous element in it and unfortunately light shops are no different. From a safety perspective it is vital that you ensure the light shop only sells lighting products that are sourced from the official Australian distributors and therefore they adhere to the Australian standards.

Beware - there are retail shops that misrepresent their products by placing a brand name light on display in their shop or on their website, but supply you a cheap imported imitation of it at the checkout counter. Watch out for different or plain packaging copy and it’s a good idea if you're in doubt to ensure the transformer has an Australian Standard sticker on it.

#2 Do They Have Experienced Staff?

All light shops in Sydney have access to thousands of different lighting products from many different Australian distributers. To prevent a whole lot of time wasting trying to find the right product for your lighting requirements, you need to find a light shop that has experienced staff. Lighting experts with years of real-world experience who also regularly attend lighting courses and industry shows to stay up to date with the latest technologies and new products.

It's very easy to get bad advice and to end up with a lighting product that doesn't look right or work the way you intended. And choosing the wrong product - for example matching up the wrong transformer with a LED circuit - can potentially cause a costly electrical problem in your home.

#3 Do They Have a Large and Ordered Range on Display?

Many Sydney light shops have limited products on display or their showroom is like a maze and it's almost impossible to find what you're looking for. Others are cluttered and untidy. And some lighting shops are guilty of all the above.

In order to maximise your chances of finding exactly what you want without driving all over the city, you need to choose a lighting shop that has a large showroom. In addition you need a light shop that has been carefully laid out so that you can quickly find what you're after. And one that is always clean, uncluttered and tidy is a sure sign that the owners are proud of the industry they're in and that they're committed to providing high quality service levels to their customers.

An added bonus is to find a light shop that is always updating their showroom with the latest lighting designs and technologies.

Looking for a Sydney Light Shop that can say YES! Yes! Yes!

Light Up Balgowlah has been proudly serving the Sydney area since 1998 and we're committed to providing friendly and expert advice on your lighting needs. Every lighting product we provide has been sourced from the official Australian distributors or manufacturers, our staff all have many years of lighting experience and our showroom is one of the largest and best laid out in Sydney.

We welcome your enquiry - either over the phone, by email, via our webform or by visiting our showroom - contact Light Up Balgowlah now.